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Our Business-To-Business (B2B) department, we supply materials necessary for developing and manufacturing various commercial, industrial, and consumer products.

Phosphorescent (glow) pigments, also known as Luminescent and Photoluminescent pigments, have ten times brightness and glow time than those of traditional zinc sulfide phosphors. Due to their characteristics, these pigments are suitable for many different technical and artistic applications, and can be used in manufacturing paints, inks, plastics, films, rubber, and others. They are completely safe for use in consumer products such as clothing, shoes, stationery, novelties, sporting goods, and the like. Create specialty effects in the fields of construction, decorating, traffic, vehicle, military, emergency systems, and so on. They are especially suitable for producing long afterglow safety products such as warning, mandatory and escape-route signs. The applications are only limited by ones imagination! Visit Website!


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